Main Arena

Main Arena

K & H Falconry 

K & H falconry have an amazing arrangement of birds for everyone’s taste. Watch one of their barn owls flying majestically through the air or catch an eagle owl flying from post to post. Showcasing the most stunning team of falcons that will have you on the edge of your seat as they stoop into the arena at high speed!

 Serve on Search and Rescue Dogs  

Serve on’s  specialist Search Dog Team have deployed internationally to Iran and Turkey and we currently have search dogs under training that are due for assessment to be able to be utilised both within the UK and overseas.  They are an important part of the Serve on Search and Rescue Team as they accelerate the search process by locating casualties or by narrowing the search area after which the Search Team are able to use their specialist technical search equipment to pin point a casualty.

 One Man and His Gundogs

Stephen Harrison spent 28 years in the Army and started One Man and his Gundogs as part of his rehabilitation following injury, attendance at the Army’s Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court and a medical discharge in 2005. Having always owned and trained pet dogs, this was a natural progression for Stephen, one which grew into a hobby and business that now sees him offer training to other pet dog owners, as well as stage gundog demonstrations with a difference all over the country!

His demonstrations are all about education and entertainment. They include showing how the average pet owner can help teach their pet dogs the very basic skills of sit, stay, heelwork and recall. But they also demonstrate amazing control over highly-trained gundogs. The real crowd pleaser at Stephen’s demonstrations is the series of tricks the dogs perform, including when the dogs slip their collar, “steal” food from a bowl while his back is turned and then put themselves back in their collar – the audience loves it!



We are delighted to be welcoming back the the arena, two very special visitors, Therese and Timujen for a delightful dressage display