Main Arena

Main Arena

Jez Avery Stunt Show

Jez Avery’s stunt shows have thrilled audiences in all parts of the United Kingdom during the 2017 season and continues into the new season with new tricks and stunts. Jez offers the display, with four different vehicles!” The best bits of Jez Avery’s 30 years experience on the outdoor events circuit… an amazing show on four wheels, two wheels, one wheel and no wheels and the ROLLOVER QUAD! The show includes wheelies, stoppies, two wheel driving, drifting, doughnuts and precision driving. Jez performs all his own stunts while delivering his famous commentary keeping the whole family on the edge of their seats and laughing along.


Sheepdog Displays


Victor Pitts and Michelle Hattie are working sheep farmers in Devon and between them have over 50 years experience with sheepdogs. Working with border collies, the most popular breed of English sheepdog they create a realistic demonstration of these dogs at work.Victor and Michelle enjoy sharing the pleasure of working with these dogs and bringing traditional farming to life. Ducks or sheep can be used in demonstrations for a varied event.

Audience participation is often involved, bringing this skilled profession as close as possible to the public.


One Man and His Gundogs

Stephen Harrison spent 28 years in the Army and started One Man and his Gundogs as part of his rehabilitation following injury, attendance at the Army’s Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court and a medical discharge in 2005. Having always owned and trained pet dogs, this was a natural progression for Stephen, one which grew into a hobby and business that now sees him offer training to other pet dog owners, as well as stage gundog demonstrations with a difference all over the country!

His demonstrations are all about education and entertainment. They include showing how the average pet owner can help teach their pet dogs the very basic skills of sit, stay, heelwork and recall. But they also demonstrate amazing control over highly-trained gundogs. The real crowd pleaser at Stephen’s demonstrations is the series of tricks the dogs perform, including when the dogs slip their collar, “steal” food from a bowl while his back is turned and then put themselves back in their collar – the audience loves it!