Terms & Conditions for Catering Stands



  • The Wessex Country Fair will take place in the gymkhana field at Wilton House, Wilton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, the 16th century seat of the Earl of Pembroke.
  • Gates will open to the public at 10am and trading will cease at 5pm. Access to the venue for standholders will be available between 6am and 9am on the morning of Sunday 5th August.  The preferred time slot for standholders to set up their stalls is early on the Sunday morning, prior to gates opening.  Access can be made available, however, on the afternoon of Saturday 4th August if required.  All stands must be prepared and stocked by 9.30am on Sunday 5th August.
  • Standholders must clear their site, leave it in clean and tidy condition, take all rubbish with them and vacate by 6pm on Sunday 5th August.
  • Please send your completed Catering Stand Application Form to Katie Hughes, Salisbury Hospice Charity, Salisbury Hospice, Odstock Road, Salisbury, SP2 8BJ together with your cheque for your standholder fee plus any additional exhibitor tickets required.  Cheques to be made payable to Salisbury Hospice Charity.


  • Catering standholders must produce till receipts and pay a minimum of 20% of the day’s takings (less VAT if registered) from the fair, this payment to be made to our representative BEFORE leaving the site on the day of the event.
  • The catering standholder agrees only to bring the range of food or drink as specified on the application form, or as required by the organisers.  The organisers must be consulted if any changes are to be made to the range of food or drink to be offered in order to prevent duplication of products already covered by other stallholders.
  • Each catering standholder will receive one vehicle pass to the site and two standholder tickets with each stand.
  • Standholders agree not to use the site for any purpose other than to sell their agreed range of goods at the Wessex Country Fair.
  • Catering standholders must indemnify Salisbury Hospice Charity against all third party claims for damage, injury or otherwise arising out of their trading activities at the Wessex Country Fair.
  • Catering standholders must insure against third party liability in the sum of at least £5,000,000 (FIVE MILLION POUNDS) in respect of any one incident (unlimited in number) and to include appropriate acknowledgement of the policy of insurance to the organisers upon submission of their booking form and stallholder fee.
  • Catering standholders must obtain and comply with all the terms of all permissions, licences, certificates, statutory or otherwise, required for their trading operation.
  • Catering standholders must obtain and produce an electrical certificate, suitable risk assessment for the event and Personal Food & Hygiene certificates.  They must also be registered with their local Environmental and Consumer Protection Services.
  • No refunds will be provided under circumstances beyond our control such as poor weather conditions.


  • Any electrical wires, leads, plugs etc MUST be secured safely to the ground and table legs with suitable pins/taping by the standholder.
  • Standholders must supply their own circuit breakers (where appropriate), adaptor plugs, extension leads etc. The ground upon which your stand will be located will be grass.


  • If a catering standholder wishes to bring their own tables and chairs to set out for customers please notify the organisers of quantities on your application form, giving an estimate of the area required to accommodate them.
  • Standholders are responsible for bringing their own signage and all staff and equipment required for their catering operation.


  • All standholders are responsible for removing their waste from the site.